Living Sensitively & Well

Living sensitively and well is about allowing ourselves to experience life more fully.

In being sensitive to ourselves – to our inner environment, our thoughts, feelings and our bodies, as well as our outer environment and those we are in relationship with, we have a greater sense of awareness. This brings us more choice and freedom in how we respond to ourselves, to others and to life.

I believe that in this way sensitivity is a strength that can be harnessed.

Currently, we might experience:

Feeling disconnected

Feeling overwhelmed

Looking for balance

Feeling disconnected

Over time we may have learned to become less sensitive to our experience of life, less present, especially if it has felt too overwhelming or unsafe. We can construct a kind of armour or wear different masks, to protect ourselves from the outside world and others, but in fact this blocks our true connection to others, to the environment around us and to ourselves. We may use different strategies and tactics to numb out and distract ourselves from our feelings, which we come to recognise as unhealthy.

When we live in a way that’s out of touch with our emotions and needs, we can feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled. In this case, finding ways to reconnect with ourselves – our feelings, our bodies, identifying our needs and discovering healthy ways to fulfil them will be helpful. It is what will allow us to grow and live more authentically. 

Feeling overwhelmed

Or perhaps we may feel that we are overly sensitive, at times or in general. We might think about things deeply, often take things to heart and easily feel overstimulated by our experiences. We may feel that we are lacking a protective layer or shell. We may be more susceptible to the negative impact of stress and may experience physical symptoms or issues. 

When we often feel overwhelmed by our emotions and thoughts, we can find it hard to cope, in general or in certain contexts. It can lead us to feeling disempowered and stuck in negative patterns. In which case, finding healthy ways to support ourselves will be helpful. It is what will allow us to flourish and empower us to lead a more fulfilling life. 

Finding Our Balance

We can find ourselves moving between feeling disconnected and feeling overwhelmed, or identify more with one side of the scale than the other.

Wherever we are on the sensitivity scale, it’s about finding our own sense of balance and identifying what we need in order to live a full and satisfying life. 

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“To be sensitive is to be alive.”

Vanda Scaravelli
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