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8 steps to rebuild your self-esteem after a setback

Often when we experience what feels like a setback in our lives it can affect our sense of self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves. The setback might be loosing a job, the end of a relationship, developing a health issue, or recognising that we are unable to do something that we have enjoyed in the past or hoped to do in the future. Such experiences can affect how we view and feel about ourselves and our lives.

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Becoming Mindful

How does Mindfulness fit with other therapeutic approaches such as NLP, Hypnotherapy and EFT?

Often when we seek therapy it is because we have identified a problem in the way we are feeling. We are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by our circumstances or the challenges we are experiencing. In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we would refer to this as a problem state. It is helpful if we recognise how this state is being created.

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Living Sensitively

Why Living Sensitively?

When it came to creating my own Facebook page and now Instagram account I decided to name it ‘Living Sensitively’. Why, you might ask? And how is that relevant to therapy or coaching (or therapeutic coaching)?

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Becoming Unstuck

We can all feel stuck at times. 

Our thoughts lead us to feeling a certain way, which encourages us to behave in a certain way. While feelings lead us to thinking in a particular way which then leads us to behaving in a particular way. Behaving in a certain way leads us to feeling and thinking in particular ways. It’s a complicated relationship – a bit like a tangled ball of different coloured strands of string, which it seems impossible to separate out and unravel. 

So how can we create change?

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How does that make you feel?

This phrase has become a bit of a cliché when it comes to therapy. But it’s a very important question for a therapist to ask their clients, which can’t be avoided. What the therapeutic hour offers is exactly what the question suggests – an opportunity to explore your feelings, as well as the events and thoughts that have given rise to them. Therefore, you do have to be ready to feel when you come to a therapy session and you have to expect to be asked that question. 

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